Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello peeps

u can always request for any boks.

i will try to find it

happy shopping


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sofi and Menanti keadilan

*my fav*

menanti keadilan

kemeja lady like

pink stripy blouse

purple blouse

malay 2

1,2,3 i love u

ombak rindu

rap romantika
RM 5


cinta pertama

pergilah sepi
rm 16

bicara hati

long blue dress
fit s and m


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

flowery blouse

never worn except for trying purpose
i'm gaining some weight ;p
can't fit me well
fit S and small M

RM 25

.:: baby blue blouse

never worn except for trying purpose
Baby blue
Free size
very cute

RM 25

.:: Green Stripy Cardi

Never worn except for trying purpose
Free Size. but i think can fit S, M, L, XL perfectly due to the stretchable material
Excellent and comfortable

available in



.:: Simple Black Cardi

( a picture with camera flash)

Never worn accept for trying purpose
Free size but i think fit S and XS perfectly
M need to unbutton it

RM 30

Sunday, June 21, 2009

.:: The girlfriend curse by valerie Frankel

Status : Available
Title : The Girlfriend curse Author : Valerie Frankel
pages : 311

RM 17

usually if a man described a woman as 'magical', 'transformative', possessing power that inspired him to marry, said woman would feel blessed. but Peg Silver feels cursed. Within 6 months of splitting with her, all Peg's ex-boyfriends meet and marry the women of their dreams. She's the 'last girlfriend' ; the one who awakens a guy's need to settle down... but with someone else. How can she break the cycle? A big life change is called for and Peg waves goodbye to Manhattan. Settling for the green, fresh outdoors of Vermont, she's drawn into a retreat called Inward Bound, rum by the sexy, scruffy founder Linus. Is this where she'll find the cure she's looking for?

.:: Smart vs Pretty by Valerie Frankel

Status : Available
Title : Smart vs Pretty
Author : Valerie Frankel
page : 278


RM 18

having a sister automatically entitles you to a lifetime of sibling rivalry. especially if one of you is smart and the other is pretty. But Francesca Greenfield (the smart one) and hr sister Amanda (the pretty one) are going to hate to put their differences aside. the family business is under threat and, unless they can get more customers through the door of their coffee shop, they're going to lose everything. but with love, lust and a 'Mr Coffee of the week' competition causing a stir, it's not going to be easy. will the Greenfield sisters realize that they're not so different after all or is serious trouble brewing?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A 018

Jealous La Pulak!
-Liana Afiera Malik -
-180 pages -
- excellent-
- read once only -

Kenapa Kuzer tinggalkan aku begitu aja? salahkah apa yg aku cakap? kenapalah die tak faham isi hati aku? semua org dah tak sehaluan dgn aku! dia org semua buruk sangka dgn aku. tuduh aku tak setia. tuduh aku tak reti menghargai perasaan org lain. aku bosan! aku cuma nak Nudin berasa di hargai, itu aja! aku prnh terhutang nyawa dgnnya. so, die dah terlantar mcm tu, salah ke aku hiburkan hati dia?

A 017

Dah Kata Daaah!
- Liana Afiera Malik -
-159 pages -
- got Liana's original signature in it coz my sis met her back in 2003 -
- one of my fav -

RM 20
sorry bout the poor image. the books is superb

kalau nak dikatakan menyesal, mmg aku kesal. kalau nak kata aku marah, mmg tak terhingga rasanya marah aku ni. tapi pada siapa nak aku luahkan kemarahan aku ni? semua ni dah takdir. dah tersurat dalam tulisan nasibku. aku mmg tak boleh nak mengelak!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A 015

Dot Com Sana Dot My Sini
- Adaptasi Novel -
- Najwa Mohd Ghazali -

RM 5
sepasang suami isteri yg tidak sefahaman dan terpaksa mengakhiri kehidupan rumah tangga mereka dgn penceraian. badrul, suami yg berkeras utk menetap di pulau pinang sementara munna pula berdegil utk meneruskan karier di kuala lumpur. kedua mereka terhimpit antara rasa ego dan kehendak hati. akhirnya cinta yg dibina berakhir begitu shj tanpa memikirkan perasaan zakuan, anak tunggal mereka.

A 014

Masih Ada Mentari
- Badrul Risham Naruddin -
- 127 pages -

RM 3

A 013

Persimpangan Kasih
- Zaid Hj. Md Saman -
- 175 pages -

RM 7

A 012

Melodi Cinta
- Mohd Ghazali Tocheh -
- 178 pages -

RM 9

A 011

Game Over
- Ahadiat Akashah -
- 130 pages -
- good -

RM 11

A 010

Budak Momok 2
- Ahadia Akashah -
- 101 pages -
- turning yellowish bcoz of the age -

RM 10

A 009

Cinderella '98
- Ahadiat Akashah -
- 386 pages -
- Excellent -

RM 20

A 008

Meniti Mimpi
- Pitteriah Abdullah -
- 344 pages -
- Alaf 21 -

RM 12

A 007

Rindu Semalam
- Puteri Andalas -
- 410 pages-
- turning yellowish bcoz of storage -

RM 12

A 002

Satu Janji
- Ramlee Awang Murshid- novelis thriller no 1 Malaysia -
- 549 pages -
- read twice only -
-condition is very very excellent -

RM 18