Sunday, June 21, 2009

.:: The girlfriend curse by valerie Frankel

Status : Available
Title : The Girlfriend curse Author : Valerie Frankel
pages : 311

RM 17

usually if a man described a woman as 'magical', 'transformative', possessing power that inspired him to marry, said woman would feel blessed. but Peg Silver feels cursed. Within 6 months of splitting with her, all Peg's ex-boyfriends meet and marry the women of their dreams. She's the 'last girlfriend' ; the one who awakens a guy's need to settle down... but with someone else. How can she break the cycle? A big life change is called for and Peg waves goodbye to Manhattan. Settling for the green, fresh outdoors of Vermont, she's drawn into a retreat called Inward Bound, rum by the sexy, scruffy founder Linus. Is this where she'll find the cure she's looking for?

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